ICT Strategy & Solutions

Fortify your organisation against internal and external vulnerabilities!

From an IT perspective, your organisation is a castle. As the world becomes increasingly connected via the internet, your castle is not only becoming increasingly connected to the world, it is also facing daily threats and vulnerabilities from internal and external sources.

Virtual CTO services

Hiring a Chief Technology Officer is cost prohibitive for most. Tap into our Virtual CTO services and benefit from our combined knowledge and experience at a more affordable rate. We work to your needs and requirements but with clear demarcation points. If your organisation is going through a major change or technology upgrade, we can be on-site for several months. Or you can use our Virtual CTO services for a few days per month on an ongoing basis.

I.T. Audit

Like an operational audit, an IT audit is an examination and evaluation of your IT infrastructure, policies and operations. We offer this as an independent and unbiased service to anyone that wants to find out how their current IT infrastructure is protecting their assets, whether their existing controls are providing data integrity and if their IT set-up and projects are aligned to their organisation’s overall goals.

Technology Solutions

Why tie up your funds in expensive equipment, software, recruiting plus managing staff when you can tap into our suite of Technology Solutions at a fixed rate per month. We offer Data storage & Recovery-as-a-service; Firewall-as-a-service; Payroll-as-a-service; Hardware-as-a-service; Software-as-a-service and Infrastructure-as-a-service. It is a smart, effective and efficient way to manage your back-end support services while enabling you to focus on more important tasks.

IT Vision Setting & Strategies

Every modern organisation needs a technology vision as much as it needs a business or corporate vision. With our combined experience and expertise in this industry, combined with our alliances with global IT brands, VT can help you to set an IT vision and get a clear idea of the technology actions required to achieve this. We will also help you put in the building blocks of your technology architecture.