Network & Cyber Security

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Network Security

Network security is concerned with maintaining peace and calm within the ICT walls of your organisation, its primary purpose to guard against problems from within. We build and maintain the security of your organisation’s network in various ways:


  • IDs and passwords – making certain they are effective and updated frequently
  • Internet access – monitoring the sites employees visit on the the organisation’s computers
  • Firewalls – keeping outside threats at bay
  • Encryption – making certain that the organisation’s information is useless to anyone outside of it
  • Backups – scheduling regular backups of the organisation’s information in case of a hardware malfunction or successful outside threat
  • Scans – conducting regular virus and malware scans to detect any outside infection

Cyber Security

​Cyber security is concerned with threats from outside your organisation. We are constantly watching to see who is trying to pass through the gates or the ICT perimeters of your organisation and we actively defend against these potential breaches. While there are overlaps with network security, cyber security is different in many ways:


  • Network protection – detecting and protecting against outside attempts to get into the organisation’s network
  • Up-to-date information – staying informed on how attackers and hackers are improving their efforts
  • Intelligence – identifying the sources of outside attacks and protecting against them
  • Applications – monitoring the use of applications to avoid unintended breaches from within