Managed IT Services

We look after you so you can look after your business!

Technology permeates every aspect of modern life and business. It is becoming more complex and changing at a phenomenal pace. All these can place enormous on-going pressures on the operations of your organisation. More so, if you have no in-house IT expert or you’re outgrowing what your current IT team can offer. When you partner with VT Solutions to manage your IT functions, you gain so much more for your investment.


VT engineers and technicians are experts in ICT. We are highly skilled and trained. We have proper industry training and certifications. We collectively have years of experience and in-depth knowledge to address and fix a vast array of ICT issues, problems and level of complexities.  We live, breathe and play technology!


Technology is our core business. For years now, we have honed and refined our systems and processes so we can respond effectively and efficiently to ICT issues. It takes a long time to replicate what we have done. We bring to you these efficiencies, and therefore, cost-effectiveness that are straight forward and make sense.


We give you access to a wide range of ICT brands, products and support that are otherwise difficult to source directly when you’re an individual customer. Global ICT brands rarely trade directly with an end-user. That’s where we come in. VT is their trusted and reliable partner on the ground in Fiji and the Pacific. 

Risk Management

We work with multiple clients and keep up with industry best practices so we typically know what’s right and what’s not. This is the kind of knowledge and experience that will dramatically reduce your risk of maintaining or implementing a costly and wrong decision. We help you manage your risks by steering you in the right direction. 


We give you the freedom to better use your limited but valuable resources. For a fixed fee, you can reassign funds that would otherwise be tied up in expensive equipment or the recruitment and operations of an in-house ICT team. You get to retain employees for their highest and best use in other, more rewarding areas of your organisation. 


A partnership with VT allows you to focus on your core functions and fine-tune your organisation to be the best that it can be. You have more time and resources available to improve your products, services and better serving your customers. You get to  focus on your strategic goals while we take care of your technology needs.

What we offer under Managed IT Services:



Remote Support


Onsite Support

Device Management